Design Authority is a collective of the world's most respected Design Leaders. Design is fast becoming a board level conversation, which shapes business, creates profit and articulates challenges.

The world is changing, and smart consumers now recognise service excellence more than ever before. If your brand lets them down they’re likely to seek out alternatives that deliver what they really want – and your competitor could be the one doing things better. Worse still, the dynamism of the digital world means they can jump ship quicker than ever before. It sounds like a dangerous world full of brand uncertainty and many challenges because it is.

Acquisition has been replaced by another big ‘A’ word: Advocacy. Your customers don’t just wish for a perfect service any more – they expect it. Deliver the experience they expect with pinpoint accuracy and they’ll become the best marketers your brand has ever had.

The digital world is about accountability and promise, not passion and emotion – especially in these times of austerity, which simply amplifies customer expectation as value plays an ever-greater role.

The world is now full of entrepreneurs and pioneers who not only understand the power of service but also know how to deliver this perfect ideal to their customers. The navigators of this brave new world don’t hold on to legacy thinking, they focus on one thing – customer expectation.

Established brands need to understand how to harness this shift in service awareness quickly, before the new era of service thinkers steal the opportunity from under their collective nose.

The question then is how Design fits into this dynamic new world. Its role is both broad and deep across the service offering. It can be used to articulate and facilitate opportunities and challenges to leadership teams while simultaneously providing product teams with the tools they need to quickly and dynamically realise ideas through Design prototypes.

Within organisations Design has now become so pivotal to this service thinking that at long last it’s being commonly represented at board level. We have shown that Design has a significant effect on the bottom line and now we have one mission: ‘Promoting smart and measurable Design around the world’.