Americo Lenza

Head of Product and Commercialisation, Consumer Innovation at Vodafone xone

Great and lasting design is the only true, sustainable differentiator for any organisation

Americo has over 15 years of product experience across the automotive and telecommunication industry having worked for Ford and Vodafone.

At Ford, Americo held various product development roles and headed the European product planning team for small cars resulting in award winning cars such as the Ka and Fiesta. Currently he heads up the product and commercial side of Vodafone xone, their global consumer innovation hub. He believes in bringing Real, Life-Solutions to market using customer-insight, to deliver genuine benefits and only adopts the right and relevant technology to deliver the right long-term solutions. Design has been at the centre of everything Americo has worked on throughout his career and he believes design is a fundamental element of true, sustainable, business success.