Heather Cassano

Chief Experience Officer at Scholastic

There is no better way to learn UX than to get your ideas down, and then observe real users interact with them the very next day.

Heather has been teaching and working in the area of User Experience Design and Research for over twenty-five years and is a passionate advocate for the creation of great user experiences that solve real user needs. Heather has created hundreds of user experiences for a diverse set of users, devices, industries and vertical markets. Heather is the currently the Chief Experience Officer at Scholastic focused on creating innovative user experiences to improve literacy for kids. Prior, she served as the Chief Experience Officer for Pearson Education, leading Pearson’s experience design and research teams which span Pearson’s educational product line from kindergarten through college. Prior, Heather worked at Yahoo and Google leading user experience teams in advertising, B2B, social networking and consumer products. Heather has spent the past two decades in senior leadership roles at technology and education companies and is known throughout the industry as a “change agent” and a collaborative, creative thinker. In addition, Heather has held university appointments at Harvard, UCLA and Marist College. Heather was featured in “Profiles of Women in Human Computer Interaction” by the Anita Borg Institute for Women and Technology as part of the Carnegie Mellon University’s Masters of Human-Computer Interaction. Women in the field of Human Computer Interaction who have broken through the “glass ceiling” in the industry were selected. In 2013, Heather was appointed as an advocate for The Design Authority, a collaboration of some of the world’s most recognized Design leaders. Find out more about Heather at