Peter Skillman

VP of HERE Design, a Nokia Business

Creating products to produce delightful experiences, engaging customers in the industrial design and the UX.

Peter Skillman heads the HERE Design group based in Berlin and Cambridge, following two years as head of Mobile Phones user interface and service design. Under his leadership, the MP design team developed UI and services for the successful Asha range. In his first Nokia role leading Meego UX design, Peter and team delivered the award-winning Nokia N9 swipe-enabled UX. As a core member of the Smart Devices leadership team, Peter also drove early Windows Phone differentiation design with Microsoft.

Prior to Nokia, Peter led User Experience for many years at Palm, where he also managed industrial design for a variety of mobile phones including the critically-acclaimed Pre. Before Palm, he drove consumer electronic product design at IDEO. Peter is a passionate promoter of sustainable architecture and design.