Remy Bourganel

Director Exploratory Design Research at Orange

The 'imaginaire' is the best tool for futurology and strategy.

Trained as a product and interaction designer, Remy Bourganel is a thought and innovation leader. He likes to challenge dogmas among ‘experts’ to facilitate the emergence of new innovation territories. In 1995, he designed with Atau Tanaka, Apple/Ircam one of the world’s first gesture interfaces to create music while dancing. In 1996, he developed the first contact-less transport badge with the sim card inventor Roland Moreno and in 1997 the first needle-less medicine injector, then in 2001 the world’s first photo-sharing service from mobile phone to public web pages. In 2004, while heading the London insight and innovation team at Nokia, he led the design of the world’s first widgets/app home screen.

Remy has been a leader of various design research studios in the telecom industry since 2001, including Mitsubishi Electric Telecom Europe, Samsung Design Europe, before he joined Nokia Design in October 2004 to establish the first interaction design team and assume the creative direction of some forward looking/strategic initiatives. Remy initiated theme-based exploratory projects and developed generative tools in the London Insights+Innovation team/Nokia Design from late 2005. He has contributed to the definition of the Nokia UI DNA and the structuring of Nokia Design User Centred Design practices. He is now director of exploratory design research in the Orange User Interface strategic program, after being head of UX in Orange vallée which developed Libon, an MVNO from scratch. He is also the founder/ director of SociableMedia, a research lab in EnsADLabs.
Remy has been portrayed in LeMonde, after Philippe Starck, Jean Widmer, Stefano Marzano and is listed as one of the top 10 most influential french designers.