Thomas Marzano

Global Head of Brand Communication Design at Philips Design

Achieving business goals through orchestrating the total experience of a brand at every touch point with its consumers, is what I find the most inspiring and challenging.

Thomas is an all round creative set on a goal of creating memorable user experiences through imagination and Design. He firmly believes that putting people at the centre of the imagination is the only sustainable way to create a meaningful experience and achieve long term business relevance.

Thomas has 15 years’ experience as a professional creative and has developed many skills and gained experience in different Design disciplines including UX, interaction, product, strategic and innovation, communication, brand, web, video and sound Design. During his time at Philips Design he’s contributed to some of its award-winning strategic projects such as Living Memory, La Casa Prossima Futura and Next Simplicity. In recent years he’s been driving Design strategy for the global digital presence of Philips.